Our Story

Our business is based on Arapgir Kilim Company that has been in the Vintage Rug Industry as a family company since 1970’s in Istanbul, Turkey. Mustafa Yildiz, the big boss, has started our business. Since he has started, we have been doing wholesale export. His son, Nihat Yildiz, has expanded our business through internet. Now, we have created this website to increase our customer portfolio, to reach more people, and present our products with our unique way.  

Vision Statement

KilimWholesale.com’s purpose is to sell handmade kilim rugs and vintage pillow covers wholesale to retail businesses; such as rug shops, boutique shops, and interior designers, . Our products have excellent and unique quality. Our handmade items give a distinctive feeling of Anatolian culture; reflect the emotions, lifestyles, and personalities of villager women of Turkey. So, our main purpose is to make people feel the rich background of our products; spreading this culture all over the world.  Also, we aim to be in the home decoration market with our natural handmade items to provide a healthy and authentic environment for people. By promoting home decoration products that are made of natural materials such as wool, cotton, and hemp; we protect the quality and sustainability of our nature.