Our Story


Kilimwholesale.com is a service by Arapgir Kilim Ltd.  Arapgir Kilim is a Istanbul/Turkey based wholesaler kilim rug company that has been at the world kilim market since 1980’s. We are a father to son company that works with retail shops,interior designers,online shops from all over the world. We are offering handmade and vintage kilim rugs, pillow covers, and kilim furniture. Our business is based on vintage products but we are always open to new business ideas such as modern rugs, custom order furniture and pillows. We created kilimwholesale.com to reach more people, to find new business partners and to build long-term business partnerships with them. 


About The Kilim


Kilim is not only something to use decorate places, it is also an art which is reflection of Anatolian culture. Most of the kilim that you can see nowadays have been weaved in 20th century but the motifs on the kilim rugs are parts of the Anatolian culture that is one of the earliest culture of the world. Therefore, each kilim has different meanings, each motifs on kilim rugs symbolize different emotions. As a final point, kilim is our way to spread and introduce Anatolian Culture to all over the World.


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E-mail        : info@kilimwholesale.com

Phone         : 902125166150

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kilimwholesale/

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Arapgir Halı Kilim Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

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